To access Chat Support for On Products: 

Users can chat with Support using the Chat button in the new Help Panel.
  1. Users will need to be logged into the app before accessing the new Help Panel.
  2. Once logged into the app, Platform Managers will see the Help Panel button in the upper right.
    • Tip: Platform Managers can add the Faculty role to access the Help Panel, but only Platform Managers have access to Chat.
  3. Click the question mark to open the Help Panel.
  4. Click the Chat button in the lower right-hand corner. User-added image
Watch this video for more information:

To access Chat Support for Smart Tuition: 

For ease of access, Chat support can be reached from every screen of Smart Tuition. 

1.    Within Smart Tuition, mouse to the bottom right corner and click Chat Now Using IM:  Example of Chat Button
2.    Complete a short form, which will include your name, email address, phone number, Smart school ID, and a brief description of your question: 
Chat Form to be filled out before Chat Starts

3.    Click Start Chat 
Tip: At the end of the chat, if you’d like a transcript, verify the email address (it will pre-populate with the information you entered at the beginning of your chat) and press Done:

 Copy of Chat Request Form