Running an invitation process for an event will update the Date Changed value for invitees that were not included in the run

An event invitation process can be used to invite constituents to an event. Constituents can be added in bulk using a query or on an individual basis.  CRM users may notice that the 'date changed' value is updated for all invitees when the invitation process is executed. The process incorrectly updates the 'date changed' value for invitees that were added to the event previously and not included in the run. 
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack. 

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Log into CRM and navigate to the Events functional area.
Search for and open any event.
3. Select the Invitation Tab.
4. Select the existing invitation process and go to it.
5. Make note of the number of invitees that have been added, and ensure the 'Include in next send' column is cleared for all existing invitees.
6. Run the query below in SSMS and make note of the value in the Date Changed column        
Select TOP 1000 * from dbo.INVITEE 
7. Run the invitation process in CRM again, only including 1 constituent when the invitation process runs.
From the 'Invitees' tab of the invitation process, click Add and select Constituent.
Search for any constituent that has not already been invited to the event.
8. When the invitation process completes confirm that only 1 record was processed by looking at the Recent Status tab.
9. Return to SSMS and run the query above again.
10. Notice the 'date changed' value was updated for all of the invitees and not just the one constituent that was added to the list.


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