Incorrect Constituency codes populate when using Start or End date fields in Export

When including fields for Constituency Code in a Constituent Export and filtering on Start/End dates, the codes that populate may be missing or outside of the date range selected. The codes may appear when the Date To is on or before the Start date, or the Date From is on or after the End date. The correct way to use the Start/End date filters in Export can be found here: How to use Start and End Dates in Export. The codes should fall within the date range selected, rather than before or after the dates.
This is resolved in Raiser's Edge 7.96, released and applied to databases in Blackbaud Hosting Services in fall 2016.

In 7.94/7.95, follow  these steps: 
  1. Add Date From and Date To fields to the Export output.
  2. Sort by date in Excel to remove the codes outside desired date range.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Open a Constituent Record
2. Select the Bio 2 tab
3. Enter a Constituency code with Date From 1/1/2015
4. Save and Close record
5. Go to Export>New Export, and open a Constituent Export
6. Click Include...>One Record, and include this constituent
7. Select the Output tab
8. Under Available Fields, select Constituent Codes>Code long description
9. For the number of codes to export, type in 1
10. Select the code we added to the record
11. Enter 1/2/2015 for the Start Date
12. Click OK
13. Click Preview icon (or File>Preview Export File Layout)
14. Results are blank
15. Select Constituent Codes from Output and change Start Date to 12/31/2014 and click OK
16. Click Preview
17. Code populates

Note: The same steps can be applied to the Date To/End Date fields, and the code will only populate when the Date To is on or after the End Date specified.


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