Media object on Constituent record displays incorrectly after it was edited from the Media tab

When a media object, such as a Word document, is uploaded on the Media tab, users can open the document, edit it, and save it. When opening a document that has been edited like this, the formatting of the text may be incorrectly formatted. The text may display in columns instead of rows, with only one character per column.
If locally-installed, do not mark the option Display as Icon. Instead, mark the Link box to link to the document.


Instead of editing the document directly from the media tab, select File>Open, and save a copy locally. Make any changes necessary, then create a new media object with the updated file.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Open a Constituent record
2. Select the Media tab
3. Click New Media
4. Mark Create from file, and browse to a Word document 
5. Click OK
6. Select a Type from the dropdown
7. Click Save as Icon
8. Click Save and Close
9. Double-click on Media object line from Media tab to re-open
10. Double-click on Word icon
11. Change the text in the document
12. Click Save, then close out of the document
13. Click Save and Close
14. Double-click on the object line again
15. The icon is now missing. Right-click where the icon would be and select Edit
16. Note the incorrect display of characters on the document



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