1. From the persona menu, go to Core.
2. Click on Departments & Courses under School.
3. Look up each course.
4. Click on the Grading tab and write down the Grade Plan. (i.e. Group 1-Semester 1 or Group 1-Semester 2, etc.)
5. Navigate to onRecord in the persona menu.
6. Click on Grading under Settings.
7. Click on Grade Averages.
8. Click Edit for the GPA grade average.
9. Click on the Grades link.
10. Click Edit for the 2nd Quarter.
11. Choose the Grade Plan within the Multi Term Courses drop down: http://screencast.com/t/PdTokEyWa
12. Click Save & Exit.
13. Repeat steps #10 & #11 for the 4th Quarter.
14. Click Save & Exit.