If you have deleted content by mistake you can contact support to see if we can try to recover these files with the following:
  • The Content Type
  • The Location
For example, I need to see if you can recover the Text Category titled "Text Category" located on the Page via Academics > Lower School. 

We have a copy of the database that we can login to see if the content is still accessible. 

The availability of recovering these items is depending on when the items were added and when they were deleted. For example, a few weeks ago you had something on your site. Today you went in and deleted it but then realized you needed that back. There is a bigger chance of having that item to recover. If you added it today and deleted it today it will not be available to be recovered.

While we cannot guarantee content can be recovered after it's been deleted, the sooner you contact support, the more likely we will be able to find it.