Advanced Search options do not stick when searching for constituents

A new feature of the 4.0 version of CRM is having your search options remembered when searching for constituents.  Users may see that these options are not remembers on subsequent searches.
Custom elements applied to advanced search options will cause user settings to not be remembered for those fields.  When a Form Field Override is specified on a field, these overrides are applied after persistent fields and the results will be the option not 'sticking' for individual users.  To determine if a Form Field Override exists in a search:

1.  Toggle design mode on.
2.  Right click on the search task and choose properties.
3.  Click on the ellipsis for FormFieldOverrides.
4.  Delete any FormFieldOverrides that are unwanted.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Constituents
2. Click Constituent Search
3. Select the button for Show advanced Search options
4. Unmark the boxes for check nickname, check alias, check alternative lookup IDs, Include deceased, and Include inactive
5. Enter a last name in the Last/Org/Group name field.
6. Click Search
7. Select the record
8. Navigate to the Constituent page
9. Click Constituent Search
10. Select the button for Show advanced Search options - none of the options are remembered.


 Blackbaud CRM

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