You can put a link in the text box for the Exceed Max. Message on an Event Registration form using HTML. You might want to do this if you have the same event happening on different dates and users can choose which one they want to attend. This way, if the maximum has been reached for their first choice, they can be redirected to the page to pick a different date without having to click through your site again.

To add the link to your Exceed Max. Message:
  1. Navigate to School Website > Events > Registration Forms & Attendees
  2. Click Edit for the Event Registration form
  3. In the Exceed Max. Message text box put:
    • <a href="URL">click here</a> The URL should be the public page you wish to redirect people to.
    • You could put something like "We're sorry, this event is full! Please <a href="URL">click here</a> to select another option​.
  4. Select Save when you are done