Step/Interaction query view is not returning the expected results when the Additional Solicitor field is used as a filter.

The Steps/Interactions query can be used to return information related to constituent interactions or steps that are linked to a prospect plan. Users may notice that all steps associated with a prospect plan are returned when attempting to only filter on steps that have an additional solicitor assigned. 
Create a query using the Prospect Plan query view instead of the Interaction query view

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into CRM and navigate to the Constituent functional area.
  2. Search for any prospect’s record.
  3. Go to the record and select ‘View as Prospect.’
  4. Select the Plans tab.
  5. Add a new major giving prospect plan, identifying a plan manager and secondary manager.
  6. Go to the plan and add a new step. Specify an Additional Solicitor for this particular prospect plan step.
  7. Add a second step to the prospect plan. Do not populate any values in the Additional Solicitor grid.  The prospect should now have at least one plan with 2 steps; 1 of the steps has an Additional Solicitor assigned.
  8. Navigate to the Analysis functional area, select the Query task, and add a new ad-hoc query using the Steps/Interactions Query view.
  9. Add the following query criteria: Constituent\Constituent record is equal to [Prospect from Step 2] AND Prospect Plan\Steps\Additional Solicitors\Constituent\Name is not blank.
  10. Place the Prospect Plan\Steps\Additional Solicitors\Constituent\Name field in the output of the query.  Also place the Interaction Lookup ID in the output of the query.
  11. Preview the results of the query, and notice that both steps from above are returned in the results and the same ‘Additional Solicitor’ is listed for each step.  The solicitor should only be listed next to one of the steps. The steps have unique Interaction Lookup ID’s. 


 Blackbaud CRM

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