To adjust this site setting, follow the steps below.
  1. Navigate to Setup > select Site Options
  2. Click Go
  3. Do a keyword search (crtl+F) for CAL_DEFAULT_LAYOUT
  4. Make adjustments if needed and click Save
If CAL_DEFAULT_LAYOUT is set to 1, then you can select either the modern or classic layout for your event registration page. If CAL_DEFAULT_LAYOUT is set to 2 then Luminate Online automatically defaults to the modern layout and does not allow you to select the classic layout when setting up your calendar event.

Note: Any Changes made to this setting are global and will affect all other Calendar Events. This site setting should be available to Site Administrators. Admins with lesser permissions may not have access to change this setting.

After adjusting the site setting you can make the change between modern and classic layouts by following these steps:
  1. Navigate to Content > select Events
  2. Select the Event List tab
  3. Find your event and click Edit
  4. Skip to step 3. Configure Additional Information
  5. Under option 8. Registration Page Layout, select the radio button for either the modern or the classic layout
  6. Click Save