Some Query criteria search the database in a different way than others. Most criteria, such as Journal Entry Date, utilize indexes to sort through massive amount of data quickly. The indexes segment your data in a way that narrows down the results it considers when searching. There are some criteria, such as Transaction Receipt Range, that cannot use those same indexes because of the nature of the field. While it might seem like a simple query that is only searching on one piece of criteria, it's actually trying to do a lot of work on the back end. When a query searches with only that criteria it as to look at every single journal entry one-by-one to see if it matches the number or range of numbers you're looking for. Therefore, you must also pair it with another piece of criteria to help narrow down that search. If you know the month or year the transaction would be dated you could add that into your query. An example would look like this:

Query Example using Journal Entry Date & Transaction Receipt Range