In Luminate Online, nearly all transaction reports contain the User Confirmation Code.  It has a format like this:
This number is sent to BBMS with every transaction and can be used as a cross reference between any report that is created and run in Luminate Online.
For example, you can use ReportWriter to create a TeamRaiser transaction report.  This report can contain all the information about a transaction and the event and participant that were donated to.  Once you run this report, export it as a CSV.
Within the BBMS console ( all of the data you will need is within the Transaction Search area.  
  • BBMS > Transaction Search > enter date range (choose the same date range as your Luminate Online report) > filter : Status - Approved > click Search
  • Choose Export (next to the chat and help icon)
This will export a file containing all transaction data for the date range containing the Luminate Online User Confirmation Code in the Comment column.  With the two CSVs, Excel can be used to combine the two reports.  Combining two  CSVs is possible with built in tools in Excel using VLOOKUP. Article from Microsoft here.