Error: An error occurred during printing (0x80004005) - when printing from smart client or Internet Explorer

When attempting to print from the smart client or from Internet Explorer you may receive one of the following errors:
Error: An error occurred during printing (0x80004005)
Error: reserved.reportviewerwebcontrol.axd script error 1012
Error: HTTP 503
This usually indicates a workstation-specific issue with the Microsoft SQL report client which is installed with CRM to print Microsoft SQL reports.  Uninstalling and reinstalling the Print Client will resolve the issue:
  1. Open IE and select internet options
  2. Then go to the Programs tab and select Manage add-ons
  3. User-added image
  4. After that Select toolbars and extensions
  5. Show all Add-ons
  6. Right click on the RSclientprint 2008 class and select more information
  7. At the bottom of the page remove it.
  8. User-added image
  9. Next close all of your browser windows and CRM
  10. Log back into CRM
  11. Navigate to a report
  12. Click the Print button
  13. Then click Install
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 Internet Explorer

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