1. Navigate to Analysis > manage Lists > manage basic and advanced lists
  2. Click View All
  3. Click List Templates
  4. Click the Template Category Academic Group
  5. ​Student Course Enrollment with Faculty click View Copy
  6. Click Select Objects
  7. Click and expand the object School
  8. Select the object School Year
  9. Click Display Fields and enable grouping options
  10. Click Filters
  11. Global Filters, Click + to Add filters
  12. In the dropdown select the School Year .Current Year is True
  13.  Click + to Add filters User Base [1].Grad Year is any of Grad Year for that Grade Level (for example if you are running it for Grade 11 in 2015 you would select Grad Year 2016 and you will need to change this filter every year so next year you will want to change the filter to 2017)
There will be duplicate Faculty Names because the teacher may teach multiple courses/sections for that grad year, and each term, as well as they have multiple Students.