The Raiser's Edge Event Management app uses Blackbaud Web Services and the Microsoft Azure Service Bus to securely pass data between your database and the mobile app.  The app communicates directly to Azure which in turn communicates with Blackbaud Web Services.

During the installation of The Raiser's Edge Event Management app, a Windows service called the Blackbaud Web Services gets created.  As this service is starting, it initiates an https secure communication to the Microsoft Azure Service Bus.

When installed, the Blackbaud Web Services will create a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) and tell the provisioning service what the final address of the web service is.  The provisioning service then creates a unique key with that information.  The iPad will use this key to later retrieve the address of the Blackbaud Web Services (which will be a unique URL through the Azure Service Bus).   This key is referred to as a system key and is found within The Raiser's Edge.  Only Raiser's Edge users with Supervisor rights have access to and are able to see the system key within The Raiser's Edge in Web Services.

The Microsoft Azure Service Bus acts like a message queue that is listening and awaiting requests from The Raiser's Edge Event Management app.  When the Azure Service Bus receives a request from the RE Event app, then the Azure Service Bus has an address that is used to securely communicate back to Blackbaud Web Services. 

128-bit encryption is used through all points of communication between your database in The Raiser's Edge, Windows Azure, and your mobile application.

For additional info about The Raiser's Edge Event Management app, please review the following resources: For additional info about Microsoft Azure, see: