Your selections can sometimes cause your appeal mailing to run slowly. Follow these tips to ensure your appeal mailing runs at optimal performance:
  1. Edit the queries in the appeal mailing to be static selections. When appeal mailings use dynamic selections, Altru processes both the queries then the appeal mailings which can slow performance. Edit the definition of your query and on the Set Save Options tab, mark the box to create a static selection. Save the query. Re-run the mailing.
  2. If possible, simplify your queries or break one complicated query into two simpler queries. Queries with OR statements and many parenthesis will run slower. 
  3. When possible, do not use the filter "Contains" in a query you are building for an appeal mailing. "Contains" will take longer to process than "Equal to" or "Begins with" because Altru will be searching all text within that column. This will especially decrease performance when "Contains" is used with Designation (for example: Designation name contains Individual).

If this issue continues after checking the above, please Click Chat with Support and reference this article.