Run the Average Hourly Sales Report.
  1. Go to Sales 
  2. Under Reports, click Average Hourly Sales. 
If you need additional information that is not displayed in this report, you can output this information in query and synthesize the data in Excel. 
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library 
  2. Click to Add a new Ad-hoc query
  3. Select the source view of Sales Orders and click OK. 
  4. Add fields to Include Records Where to filter on the sales orders or items you would like to see. 
  5. With Sales Order highlighted at the top, in the middle column, drag Order Complete Date to Results Fields to Display. This field will provide you with the date and time that the order was completed. 
  6. Once you have exported all of the information you would like to see, export your query results to Excel. You will notice Order Complete date appears like this: "6/4/15 1:15:20 PM"
  7. In Excel, format the Order Complete Date column to Time. The date now appears similar to this: "1:15 PM"
  8. Next, insert a column beside Order Complete Date and type the following formula: =HOUR(cell)/24. Make sure this column is also formatted to Time. This column will show this value: 1:00 PM. You can then synthesize this data further in Excel to get hourly sales data.
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