Try the following until you find the cause of the issue: 
  1. Go to Sales > Approve Closed Drawers.  See if there are any open drawers from that date or if there are drawers that are submitted, but not approved, so they wouldn't be pulled into a deposit.  As soon as you process the payment, it will show up on the Total Revenue Report but if the drawer is open or not approved, it will not pull into the deposit until it is closed.
  2. Go to Sales > Approve Closed Drawers.  Determine if a user has left a drawer open longer than one day.  If so, when you run deposits up to a specific date, that drawer will not be pulled in since it contains payments from that specific day and the day after.  The drawer will only get pulled into a deposit when you run for specific days up to the last day of payments in the drawer.
  3. In Sales > Approve Closed Drawers, click Create Deposit.  In the deposit date section, ensure that it is set to payment date, not specific day, today, or yesterday.  If this is set to payment date, it ensures that if someone does leave their drawer open for multiple days, that drawer will be split into multiple deposits with each payment date that is in the drawer.  This way, the deposit for that day will reconcile to the Total Revenue Report for that day.
  4. Ensure you are running the deposit report that includes all deposits for a specific date and not just a report that shows you one deposit.  To do this, go to Treasury and click Deposit under Reports.  This way if you do have multiple deposits for one date, this report will show you all deposits so you can accurately reconcile to the Total Revenue and Payments Report.
  5. Unresolved sales order's pull into the Total Revenue and Payment report when the report is filtered on the day the order was resolved. Unresolved sales orders pull into deposits with the date the order was created, not the day the order was completed as these two dates can differ. (Example: If you had an unresolved sales order created on the 1st, and completed on the 2nd, the order will show up on the 2nd for the Total Revenue and Payments report, but will show up as the 1st for the Deposit Summary)