1. From the persona menu, select Extracurricular.
  2. Select Group Management under Community Groups.
  3. Select Community Group Pages.
  4. Select the appropriate school year and school level, and click View.
  5. Click on the name of the community group.
  6. Click Roster.
  7. Click Manage roster.
  8. Search for the appropriate users.
  9. Click on a user's name to add him/her to the list of members.
  10. Click the Owner link to make a user an owner of the group. Click the Remove link to remove a user from the list of owners.
  11. Click the "x" to remove a user from the group.
​To remove all users from a Smart Group, navigate to:
  1. Extracurricular
  2. Community Groups > Group Management
  3. Add/Edit Community Groups
  4. Click Edit next to the Group you want to remove the users from.
  5. Change it from Smart Group to Un-Listed Invite Only
  6. Save
  7. Change it back to Smart Group
  8. Save