There are two possible causes for this:
  • You will want to check your Username Format - Username Format is set to use the abbreviated grad year (ex: '06)
  • Check for any Data Refresh jobs where grad years were included - if the Username Format is set to use the abbreviated grad year (i.e. '06), and your Data Refresh file had the grad years listed in an abbreviated format already, then your system may show '06 as an abbreviated grade year '6. 

To check the username format you are using:
  1. Navigate to Core 
  2. Select Users > User Profile Settings 
  3. Select User Name Formats 
    • The Default Format is: 
      {prefix} {firstname} "{nickname}" {middlename} ({maidenname}) {lastname} {suffix} {gradabbr}.
    • If you see: 
       {gradabbr}, in either the Default Format, or in the Custom Format, this means the Abbreviated Grad Year ('06) is being used.
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Note: If you have {gradabbr} selected but are still seeing the grad year as a single digit (ex: '6) - then there may have been a Data Refresh done where the grad year was entered as abbreviated to begin with.

To check your Data Refresh files:
  1. Navigate to Core  
  2. ​Select System Tools > Data Refresh.
  3. Locate the Routine, and select Job History.
  4. View the processed file for the job.