Sending Data to Target Analytics

An account ID should be included with each constituent record (in each file). This is the mechanism for linking the

File Requirements
Target Analytics requires four files for this project (in either tab or pipe delimited):
1. Constituent file with name and biographical information for all solicited records.
2. Biographical file layout
3. Transaction file with the giving history for all of these donors. This transaction file should contain one record per individual
gift transaction.
4. Transaction/giving history file layout

Additional Requirements
 Use a 4-digit year for all data fields (11/29/1999)
 Provide definitions for all codes. If applicable, provide translations for values

File 1: Account-Related Data 
Account IDUnique ID for each person or organization
First Name 
Middle Name 
Last Name 
OrgNameDenotes whether is an Organization or Foundation
Date of Birthformat: 12/31/1999
Marital Status 
No Valid Address Flag 
Requests No Email Flag 
Inactive Flag 
Deceased Flag 
Deceased Date 
Household Record IDFor systems that have household records
Household Full NameFor systems that have household records
Spouse Account ID 
Spouse Prefix 
Spouse First Name 
Spouse Middle Name 
Spouse Last Name 
Spouse Suffix 
Spouse has No Valid Address Flag 
Spouse Requests No Email Flag 
Spouse is Inactive Flag 
Spouse is Deceased Flag 
Spouse Is Constituent Flag 
Home Address Line 1 
Home Address Line 2 
Home City 
Home State 
Home Zip Code 
Home Country 
Home Address IDUnique ID for address
Home Address Type 
Home Phone 
Business Name 
Business Position 
Business Address 1 
Business Address 2 
Business Address 3 
Business City 
Business State 
Business Zip Code 
Business Country 
Individual/Organization Indicator 
Date Added to DatabaseFormat: 12/31/1999
Gives Anonymously 
Solicit CodeIndicators for exclusions - Do Not Mail, Do Not Phone, etc.
Constituency Code 
Constituency Code Date FromFormat: 12/31/1999
Constituency Code Date ToFormat: 12/31/1999
Solicitor Type    
Solicitor Date FromFormat: 12/31/1999
Solicitor Date ToFormat: 12/31/1999
Solicitor Last Name 
Solicitor First Name 
School NameSelect up to 4 schools per record
Education Class of  
Education Degree  
Maiden Name 

File 2: Transaction-Related Data
Gift IDUnique ID for each gift
Account IDIndividual record of the donor
Household Record IDHousehold record (if applicable)
Source Code 
Gift Amount 
Gift Date 
Gift Type 
Gift Code 
Gift Code Description 
Gift Constituent Code 
Gift Constituent Description 
Campaign Description 
Fund Description 
Fund Category 
Appeal Description 
Appeal Category 
Package ID 
Package Description 
Pay Method 
Gift Subtype 
Gift Subtype Description 
Expires On 
Gift Vehicle 
Receipt Amount 
Membership Type 
Gift Proposal Type 
Gift Proposal Type Description 
Tribute Type 
Tribute Type Description