Unable to see information source in the constituent record and when I tried to create a query

When adding a constituent record, there is an information source field. You can choose from a drop down of options in this field. After adding the Information source field when entering a constituent, from the constituent record you will navigate to the History tab > Origin tab and see that the constituent source. When adding this field to a new constituent, it is showing blank in the Origin tab of the constituent record.

When I query the information source using the following steps: In left column expand Constituent> expand Origination> from middle column drag Constituent source into Results fields to display, the results are also blank.
Manually add the Information source to the constituent record with the below steps:
  1. Open Constituent record
  2. Click on the History Tab
  3. Click on the Origin tab
  4. Next to Constituent source, select Edit
  5. Update the source and Save

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Constituents > Add an individual.
  2. Enter a last name and first name.
  3. Then select an information source from the drop down.  
  4. Click Save.
  5. On the constituent record, go to History > Origin tab.  See that the constituent source is blank.


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