Constituent update rules are not honored when importing information into a Constituent Update Batch.

When importing information into a Constituent Update Batch, CRM users may notice the constituent updated rules are not honored when adding contact information.  New addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are added as primary despite the rules set if they are flagged as primary in the import file.  
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into CRM and navigate to the Constituent functional area
  2. Click ‘Add an individual’
  3. Enter the constituent’s name, and address with the address type of Home, phone number with a phone type of Home, and email with an email type of Email. These will all be added as primary.
  4. Navigate to the Revenue functional area.
  5. Select Batch entry
  6. Select Batch Templates and locate the Constituent Update Batch Template
  7. Select the Configure Options tab, and then select the Constituent Updates tab .
  8. Ensure the rules are configured as follows:
Phone number updates:  If incoming phone is net identical to any existing phones ‘Add as new phone’ and make new phone primary ‘Only if the current primary phone has the same type’.
Email updates: :  If incoming email is net identical to any existing email address ‘Add as new email address’ and make new email address primary ‘Only if the current primary email address has the same email type’.
Address updates:   If incoming address is similar to an existing address ‘Add as new address’ and make new address primary ‘Only if the current primary address has the same type’.
  1. Navigate to the Administration functional area and select Import
  2. Generate an import header file based on the batch template above.
  3. Populate the import file with the constituent’s name and lookup ID created in step 2.  Enter a different address with a different address type, email address with a different email address type, and phone with a different phone type.
  4. Save the file
  5. Return to CRM and navigate to the Administration area
  6. Click Import
  7. Click Add to add a new import process based off of the batch template above
  8. Give the import process a name,  pull in the import file, select the Map Fields tab and auto-map all fields including collection fields.
  9. Select the Set Options tab, then select  the Constituent Updates tab and ensure the ‘Use batch template settings’ box is marked.
  10. Save the import process.
  11. Run the import process
  12. Commit the batch generated
  13. Return to the record created in step 2.
  14. Select the Contact tab and notice that the imported address, email address, and phone numbers were added as primary regardless of the rules that state they should only be added as primary if they address, email address, or phone type was different. This also does not align with the constituent update flowchart,


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