Group Member details cannot be expanded if the user does not have the ability to Add/Edit/Delete group member information.

In CRM double-arrows next to an item returned by a data list indicates that the row can be expanded to view additional details. If a CRM user does not have rights to add, edit, or delete group member information they may notice the double-arrows next to a group member’s name may not appear, even when the user has rights to view group member details.  
This is a cosmetic issue.  You can still expand the row to review additional details by clicking anywhere within the row.  

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into CRM and navigate to the Administration functional area.
  2. Select Security, System Roles, and add a new system role granting all rights.
  3. Select the Users tab and add a test user to the system role. Ensure the user is not listed as a System Administrator and does not belong to any other system roles.
  4. Navigate to the Constituent functional area.
  5. Search for and open any group record.
  6. Select the Members tab, and click the double-arrow next to any member’s name.
  7. Toggle on design mode.
  8. Right-click each of the tasks that are shown, select Assign Permissions, and deny the users in the system role above rights to the edit/delete/ add role/ edit role/ set to primary tasks. The users should still have rights to the view forms that allow them to view group member details (i.e. Group Member Info View Form).
  9. Toggle off design mode.
  10. Navigate to the Administration functional area, select Security, Application Users, locate the test user, go to their application user record, and run CRM as that user.
  11. While logged into CRM as the test user, open the group record from step 5 and select the Members tab.
  12. Notice that the double-arrows next to the group member’s name are not shown, although the user still has rights to view the group member’s details. If you click anywhere in the row the details are revealed. This is inconsistent with other areas of the program where a double-arrow is present to alert users that there is additional information that can be viewed. 


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