Promo code discount applying to all items

When trying using a discount that uses a promo code in daily sales the discount will apply to all items in the cart instead of just one item
1. After applying the discount in daily sales click on the Adult admission ticket in the order screen
2. Using the calculator on the daily sales screen manually enter the number of tickets you want
3. Price should change to expected value

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to Duplicate:
1. Create a standard discount that uses a promo code
 a. Applies to will be an item
 b. Calculation type will be percent off with value being %100
 c. Add a promotion code
 d. Click save leaving the availability settings as default
2. On your discount's page click edit discount
 a. Make sure Limit the number of times this discount may be applied is unchecked and click save
3. Click the price type details tab and add the Adult price type
4. Click on the programs tab and add admission
5. Go to daily sales and purchase multiple admission tickets
6. Click discount and promotions and enter the promo code associated with your discount
7. Enter 1 into the apply discount how many times text box and mark the circle next to the text box
8. Click save


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