What you will need to do is take all the code from the Text Category and put it into a Embed Widget.

To do this navigate to:
1. School Website > Website Management
2. Website
3. Select Your Website (Main Site)
4. Pages and Menus
5. Select the Page 
6. Click the Editing Wrench
7. Edit Page Content
8. Click the Pencil in the Text Category
9. Click HTML
10. Copy all of the code shown here
11. Drag the Embed Widget onto the Page below the current text category (http://screencast.com/t/uwyizY0ZhdQ)
12. Click the Gear Icon
13. Paste the code into the box
14. Save
15. Save Changes

Note: After you confirm by viewing the Page on the front end that you no longer need the Text category as it now displays in the Embed Widget you will want to Delete the Text Category:

Click the red X on the Text Category