Grading Managers may add Pass/Fail (or any other "alternate grade") to a standard grade translation, provided the Translate on Input and Translate on Output flags are set on the corresponding Grade Category. This will require teachers to select a translated grade, i.e., A+ or 97 depending on the translation table, from a drop-down, rather than allow the teacher to enter the numeric grade. Similarly, if the grade is calculated based on the grade book cumulative, the grade will be translated to a grade in the table and may not be what the teacher wants to see in the grade column.

For schools who want to grade with alternate grades and still have the option to enter numeric grades, there are two ways this can be set up:
  1. Create a separate course and set up the alternate grading grade category, grade translation, etc., and tie it to that grade plan group.
  2. separate grade in the grade plan??

There are a few reasons for this. First, in order to control whether or not Pass/Fail classes are included in a Grade Average, the Grading Manager has to be able to tie the courses to a separate grade translation. Also, the grade translation does not support having two grades with the same scores.