Batch Numbers are missing

Batch numbers are skipped over and are not recorded anywhere in General Ledger. 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.  

Steps to Duplicate

There are three ways to confirm the batch numbers are not recorded anywhere in General Ledger.  

Run a Batch Detail Report: 
1) General Ledger > Reports > Journal and Batch Reports > Batch Detail Report > New.
2) Select the Filters tab > Batches > Selected.

3) Enter missing Batch Numbers : ex. 108, 112, 162, 407 > OK  > Error: Please enter a valid Batch > OK > Cancel  > Cancel. 

Search the Journal Entry list: 
1) General Ledger > Journal Entry > Set Batch Status to Open and posted batches.
2) Unmark 'Only show my batches' in the bottom left corner of the Journal Entry screen.  
3) Find > Field=Batch #; Find what: 108 Find First - No match found.  Repeat this process for each missing number.  
Change Batch Status - Deleted Batches only > Confirm missing batches are not listed here.  

Create a Transaction Query: 
1) General Ledger > Query > New > Transaction/Dynamic. 
2) On the Criteria tab, expand Batch.  Select Batch Number. 
3) Set Operator to one of > Enter the missing batch numbers > OK.  
4) Select Run > There are no batches are listed.  


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