1. Edit the text block where your table is
  2. Click the 'HTML' tool at top left to open the HTML editor window
  3. Navigate to the section where you would like the new table row (just after a </tr> tag)
  4. Add the code: <tr><td></td></tr>
  5. Enter any text you wish to display between the <td></td> tags. For example: "<td> onMessage </td>" will say "onMessage" inside the table.

For further explanation of the HTML tags used here:
  1. The area between <tr> and </tr> denotes 'table row'
  2. The area between <td> and </td> denotes a 'table data cell'
  3. If you place multiple sets of <td></td> between a <tr></tr> pair, you will end up with multiple cells in your row.
  4. Please note that without additional information, each row in a table should contain the same number of <td>cells</td>.

   If you wish to look into non-uniform tables, the extra information to research are 'colspan' and 'rowspan'.
   This information can be found at http://html.com/tables/rowspan-colspan/

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