1. Go to Analysis > Information Library 
  2. Click Add a new ad-hoc query 
  3. Select the source view of Constituents
  4. In the left column, highlight the Constituencies node. 
  5. From the middle column, drag Constituency into Include Records Where. Set this to be equal to (or one of) the constituency you are looking for. (For example, your field may appear like this: Constituency is equal to Staff)
  6. If you'd like to eliminate records that may have had this constituency in the past, drag Date To to Include Records as well. Set this field to be On or after today. If you have records without a Date to, you can also drag Date to to Include Records where and set this to be blank. Add an or statement and surround these two in parenthesis so it appears as pictured in the example below.
  7. Next, if you want to include any additional information in the query output,  you can add those data fields into the Results fields to display window. 
  8. If you would like to use this list in a mailing process or another area of Altru, on the Set save options tab, check the box to Create a selection.
Here is an example of how your query might look: 
Constituency query example