Before proceeding to add a solicitor back to a Fundraiser part in NetCommunity, there are some considerations to keep in mind: 
  • The constituent record in The Raiser's Edge must be linked to a username in NetCommunity
  • The fund we apply to the solicitor must match the fund in the Fundraiser part
  • Any gift information that was removed would need to be manually added back in The Raiser's Edge and re-synced
  • All original content on a team page prior to removal will not be restored as it will create a new content
To add a user back to a fundraiser part in NetCommunity, follow these steps: 
  1. In The Raiser's Edge, open the constituent record that we would like to make a solicitor
  2. Click the Bio 1 tab -> mark the check box in the lower right corner labeled 'Is a solicitor"
  3. Click Save and Close
  4. From Records in The Raiser's Edge, click Funds
  5. Open the desired fund we want to add the solicitor to
  6. Click the Solicitors tab
  7. Locate the solicitor from the left column -> click Assign
  8. Save and close the Fund
  9. In NetCommunity, log in and edit the Fundraiser part
  10. Click the Synchronize Now button and wait for the Fundraiser part sync to finish
  11. Click Save once the sync has completed
  12. Click Users and Security -> Users
  13. Search for the desired user -> click the pencil icon to edit account
  14. Scroll to the bottom of the account to confirm the solicitor now has Fundraiser details
If the Fundraiser sync was successful, the account in NetCommunity will have a row at the very bottom of their information with a link to their Fundraiser page and an Administration page.