Location does not show on Location Availability Report when filtered on Available or Unavailable

When viewing the Location Availability Report, you may find that when you filter on Available or Unavailable, the location does not show on either report.  It appears this happens for locations used on custom items on deleted group sales reservations.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Sales > Group Sales.
  2. Add a group sales reservation. 
  3. Under Manage itineraries, click on the contact name.
  4. In the itinerary, click Add > Custom Item.
  5. Enter a location for the custom item and mark to make location unavailable to other groups.
  6. Go back to the reservation.
  7. Click Cancel reservation.
  8. Then click Delete reservation.
  9. Go to Sales > Location Availability.
  10. Mark the box for that location.  Enter the date and time of the group sale and filter on Unavailable, click Apply.
  11. See the location does not show.
  12. Change the filter to Available and click Apply.
  13. See the location does not show.
  14. Run the report for all locations and see that one location still does not show.


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