You may have students that are withdrawing at the end of the year with no plans of returning the following year. You will need to withdraw these students to ensure they are no longer enrolled when the next school year begins.

When withdrawing students for the upcoming school year in Manage Student Enrollments, you'll want to select the upcoming year to ensure the students aren't included on any lists for that year.
  1. Go to Core > Users > Manage Student Enrollments
  2. Select the School Year for the upcoming enrollment year
  3. Click Promote
  4. Use the radio button to select Withdraw next to the student(s) to be withdrawn
  5. Click Next and proceed through the following steps
  6. The students will be withdrawn in the upcoming school year so they will not show up on any of the data or reports in the next enrollment year.
  7. For example, if the current school year is 2014-2015 and students are withdrawn in 2014-2015 a (w) will show on their report card for the current school year.
  8. In order to remove students from the system for next enrollment year and not the current academic year, the school will select the year of the next enrollment period.User-added image