A. The sort order of the grade plan header titles for the grading term may not match, these must match from one term to another. To correct this, navigate to:
  1. Navigate to Academics > Grades > Grading Setup > School year setup
  2. Select Filter Options for School Year, Group type, School level, and Grade Plan Groups
  3. Click View
  4. Select View next to the grade plan name, under the grading term
  5. Select Edit on the upper right of the grade plan
  6. Check to make sure the sort order is accurate
  7. Check the next grading term and make sure each of the sort orders match the first grading term
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B. The Grades may have not been added to the Report Card in Report Card Builder. To add a Grade to a Report Card:
  1. Navigate to > Academics > Grades > Report Card Setup > Report Card Builder (old)
  2. Use the Filters to select the School Year, Level and Style the Report Card lives under then click View
  3. Click Edit for the Report Card
  4. Under Report Card Details, select Access/Grades
  5. Click Edit Access/Grades
  6. If needed, click Add Column for the appropriate term
  7. Find the correct Grade Plan Group and use the drop down to select the Grade you would like to display
  8. Click Save
Note: This only works for Standard Report Cards

C. The Report Cards are being generated with a view that does not have access to them

For example: If the Viewed By Filter is set to Faculty, and inside the Report Card builder, Faculty do not yet have access to those grades (see the steps in answer B for how to view access dates), you will not see grades when the Report Card is generated.
  1. ​Navigate to Academics > Grades > Report Card Setup > Report Card Builder (old)
  2. Use the Filters to select the School Year, Grade Level and Last Name range
  3. Change the Viewed By Filter to "None"
  4. Click on a Report Card name to generate the Report Card

D. The Grades may not fall within the Grading Translation Scores:
For example you have a Student with a score of 103, your grade translation only goes up to 100. Or you have the Grade Translation set as A=98-100 and B=90-96, this would mean a user with a grade of 97 will not display the Grade on the Report Card until you edit the Grade Translation.

To edit the Grade Translation, navigate to:
  1. Academics > Grades > Grading Setup > Grade Translations
  2. Find the Grade Translation you need to make a edit to, and click Edit
  3. Change the Min and Max Scores to reflect the correct numbers, or add another Grade Translation by clicking Add Grade Value at the bottom of the Grade Translation