To set profile publish access:

1.) Start from your Core persona.
2.) Navigate to Settings > Profile > Profile Publish Access.
3.) If users should/should not be able to remove themselves from the online directory, click Edit and check or un-check the "Allow users to remove their name from the online directory" check-box, then click Save.
4.) While in Edit mode (click Edit in the upper right corner), select the role for which you would like to publish information (ex. Teacher) from the drop-down.
5.) Under the Publish To column, check off what roles will be published to.
6.) Click Save.
7.) Next, click the role to role link under Manage Publish Fields, to the right of the roles you selected to publish to (ex. Teacher to Student).
8.) Click Edit.
9.) Check the fields to publish.
10.) Click Save & Confirm.
11.) Click Confirm.
12.) Click OK.

The directory does take overnight to sync, so any changes made will not appear in the directory until the following morning.