This Profile Publish Access task allows the Platform Manager to publish constituent information to other members of the community. The Platform Manager establishes the default settings in this task.

To Set Profile Publish Access:
  1. Navigate to Core 
  2. Select Security > Profile Access > Profile Publish Access.
    • If users should/should not be able to remove themselves from the online directory, select Edit and mark or un-mark the "Allow users to remove their name from the online directory" radio-box, then select Save.
    • User-added image
  3. Select Edit in the top right hand corner and select the role for which you would like to publish information (ex. Teacher) from the drop-down.
  4. Under the Publish To column, check off what roles the information will be published to.
  5. Select Save.
Manage What Information Each Role Can See for Other Roles: 
  1. After selecting Save in the previous step you should see the option for Manage Publish Fields 
  2. Select the role to role link under Manage Publish Fields, to the right of the roles you selected to publish to (ex. Teacher to Student).
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  3. Select Edit.
  4. Mark the fields to publish.
  5. Select Save & Confirm.
  6. Select Confirm.
  7. Select OK.

Note: The directory syncs overnight, so any changes made will not appear in the directory until the following morning.