To grant access to transcripts at the role level:

1.) Start from your Core persona.
2.) Navigate to Security > Roles > Manage Roles.
3.) Click the role to which you want to grant access to Transcripts.
4.) Click the Tasks link on the left.
5.) Click Edit in the upper right corner.
6.) Locate and check off the View Transcripts task.
7.) Click Save & Exit.

To publish the transcript:
1.) Start from your Academics persona.
2.) Navigate to Grades > Transcripts Setup > Transcript Builder.
3.) Click Edit to the right of the Transcript you want to publish.
4.) From the Transcript Details channel on the left, click the School Years link.

5.) Click Edit to the right of the School Year you want to publish.
6.) Scroll down to the bottom, and check off Publish to Grading Manager and/or Publish to All.
7.) Click Save.