In order to create a PushPage Archive on a website page, you will need to add your PushPage URL's to a Links category, and add your Links category to a page.

To get your PushPage URL's for your links category:

  1. Start from School Website menu
  2. Navigate to Communication > PushPage > PushPage Issues.
  3. Filter for the PushPage(s) you want to add to your Links category.
  4. Click the View Issue link.
  5.  Copy & paste the link into your links category.

To create a Links category:

  1. Start from School Website
  2. Navigate to Content > Links
  3. Click the +Add New Category button in the upper right
  4. Give the category a Name (ex. PushPage Archive)
  5. Enter a Description (optional)
  6. Access: Public
  7. Click Save & Add Link
  8. Enter a Title for the link (ex. the name of the PushPage Issue)
  9. Select the URL radio button, and paste your PushPage URL into the field
  10. Click Save or Save & Add Another
You will want to add all the PushPages to this category that you want to display on your School Website page

To add your Links category to an School Websitepage:

  1. Start from School Website
  2. Navigate to Website Management > Websites > your site.
  3. Locate the page you want to add the Links category to, and click the gray wrench icon on the right of the page.
  4. Select Edit Page Content.
  5. From the Content Types on the left, locate Links.
  6. Drag and drop the Links content type on to your page.
  7. From the drop down, select your links Category (ex. PushPage Archive).
  8. Click the Settings icon on the right inside the Links content type.
  9. You can enter a Custom Header Text, or select to use the Category Title.
  10. Select the number of items from the category to display, or leave blank to return all items.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Once you're finished making changes, click the Apply Changes on the lower right of the page.