To change the Course Name, navigate to:
  1. Core > School > Departments & Courses
  2. Expand the Department the Course lives in
  3. Click the Edit icon for the Course
  4. Shorten the Course Title (Ex. instead of Goverment, put in Gov) changing this Title DOES change it Historically for all data associated with the Course
  5. Click Save & Close

Note: At 25 characters, the title will display on one line and be single spaced. 26 characters will still display on one line, but cause a line break, creating the double spacing. Characters 27 on will display on the second line.

To change the Teachers Last Name, navigate to:
  1. Core > Users/Access > Profile or Core > People Finder
  2. Search for the User
  3. Click into the Users record
  4. Click Edit within Personal Information or General Information and change the last name that is displayed
  5. Click Save