The consecutive years value for Constituent Revenue Application Count smart field is not correct

This smart field can be used to calculate the last x number of years of consecutive giving to put on constituents records. The smart field has a Relative Year value of 5 to return only the last 5 consecutive years of giving, but the output on the constituent record shows 6 years.

We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Administration\Smart Fields

2. Find the smart field in question which is of the type Constituent revenue application count smart field

3. Open the smart field and see that the parameters are the following:

  • Value to return: Consecutive giving years for Constituent revenue recognition
  • Revenue types: Event Registration, Donation, Membership, Other
  • Transaction Type/Application: Matching Gift Claim\Donation, Donation, Event Registration, Membership, Other, Recurring Gift, Membership Add-On, Planned Gift\Donation, Pledge\Donation, Donor Challenge Claim\Donation
  • Recognition credit types: Former spouse, Matching Gift, Self, Self (via 3rd party), Spouse, Third Party
  • Timeframe: Date Range-Relative Dates, Time Period-Years, Years-5
  • No Site is selected

4. Start the smart field process and see it finish successfully

5. Use an Ad-hoc query to identify records that have a smart field value greater than 5. In the results see the following:

  • If you pick a record and go to the Smart Fields tab, see the value for the Recog:ConsecutiveGivingCount (5 yrs) is 6.

6. In Administration\General Ledger Setup\General Ledger system name\Define fiscal years, see that the five year range is 7/1/2010-6/30/2015 which is what the client expects for 5 years.


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