Why does QPI show up on an Account's Home page Defined Fields tile?

When on a Constituent's Home page, some users choose to show the Defined Fields page tile. This tile could have a calculation for "Qualified Prospect Interest (QPI) Rating" of 60. However, if the user goes to the Defined Fields page, there aren't any corresponding fields for that rating.

Defined Fields tile on Homepage
If you would like to utilize the Qualified Prospect Interest (QPI) Rating fields, you can add the Defined Fields Set called "For Impact Fields" so that you can start tracking that data. To learn more about how to get started, please see our help document on For Impact.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to any Constituent Account
  2. On the Home page, look at the Defined Fields tile
  3. Note that there is a "Qualified Prospect Interest (QPI) Rating" of 60, which is the default
  4. Click the Defined Fields page
  5. Note that there are no fields to fill in to specify the QPI rating



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