Omit for Validation checkbox on address defaulted on constituent record added by Sponsorship batch

A constituent record can be created via a Sponsorship batch.  When doing so, and adding New Financial Sponsor information or New Corresponding Sponsor information, the address record created with the new constituent has the check box 'Omit from Validation' defaulted to checked.
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to the Administration functional area
  2. Select Import
  3. Select Generate import header file under Tasks
  4. Batch template = Sponsorship batch
  5. OK
  6. When header file is created, add at least the following
  • New Financial Sponsor name, address   or
  • New Corresponding Sponsor name, address
  • Sponsorship Program
  1. Save file
  2. Go to back to Administration functional area
  3. Select Batch entry
  4. Select Batch templates
  5. Find Sponsorship batch and click the down arrow
  6. Create import
  7. Enter a Name
  8. Import source = Local file
  9. File = [file just created]
  10. Automap all the fields, especially the Collection field for New Financial Sponsor
  11. On the Set options tab, Other sub tab, toggle Quick find
  12. Save
  13. Start import process
  14. When import completes, go to the resultant batch and commit
  15. Once the batch commits, go to the record of the constituent just created
  16. Edit the address
  17. Observe the Omit this address from validation is checked


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