Why are withdrawn Students showing still as Enrolled?

The reason why the students are still showing with the Enrolled Status under onBoard, though they are Withdrawn, is due to their records not being Inactivated under onBoard prior to being Withdrawn from school.
Follow these steps:
  1. From the persona menu, go to Core.
  2. Click on Profile under Users/Access.
  3. Search for the student name in Edit User Profile Data.
  4. Click on the profile name and scroll down to Student Enrollment link.
  5. Click on Re-Enroll in School button and enroll the student back into school.
  6. Next, navigate to onBoard in the persona menu.
  7. Click on Enroll/Inactivate under Process.
  8. Search for the student's name and follow the steps to Inactivate the Candidate.
  9. Navigate back to Core in the persona menu.
  10. Continue to follow Steps 2-4 and Withdraw the student from the school.



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