There are two different ways that we can accomplish this. In this example, Sally Student is currently an Incoming Student starting in grade 4 but should start in grade 3. The instructions below show how to change her current grade level to 3 and adjust the remaining enrollment rows up to and including Grade 12.
  1. Go to Core > People Finder.
  2. Search for and select the student.
  3. Click Access.
  4. Under Personas, click the Wrench icon and select Edit School Enrollment.
  5. Change the Grade Level to 3.
  6. Add or edit the remaining rows needed for future enrollments.
  7. Click Save.
  1. Go to Core > Users > Edit User Profile Data.
  2. Look up and enter the student's user profile.
  3. Under System Information, click the Student Enrollments link.
  4. Edit the row with grade 4 and change the grade level to 3.
  5. Edit the remaining rows so Sally is in the correct grade level each school year.
  6. To add her 12th grade year:
    1. Click Enroll in School.
    2. Select the School Year her 12th grade year will be in.
    3. Select Grade Level: 12.
    4. Save & Exit.
  7. Go back to the user profile.
  8. Under System Information, click the Alumni Affiliation link.
  9. Edit and change the Grad Year (if necessary) so it reflects Sally's correct graduation year.
  10. Save & Exit.