Error: Required field missing: GL post date - in batch

Batches created from the Generate Payments process are not populated wit ha GL post date.  When users open these batches they immediately receive Error: Required field missing: GL post date and cannot commit the batch without entering a post date.  
Download and install the latest patch which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate: 

Setup Batch Template

1. From Reveue Feature Page select Batch entry.

2. From Batch Entry page under Configuration select Batch templates.

3. From Batch Templates page expand the row for the Enhanced Revenue Batch Template from the Precondition and select Edit.

4. On the Edit batch  template form go to the Select fields and defaults tab.

5. Under the Available field options select both "GL post date" and "GL post status" fields and move to the Selected fields grid.

6. Under the Selected fields grid verify no default for the "GL post date" field.

7. Under the Selected fields grid select the row for "Gl post status" and set the default to "Not posted".

8. Save the form.


Add a Recurring Gift

1. From Revenue Feature Page select Add a recurring gift.

2. On the Add a recurring gift form enter Constituent from Precondition, enter Amount = 15.00, enter Designation from Precondition, select "Direct debit" in the dropdown of Pay installments automatically by, for Account dropdown select the account from the constituent.

3. Save.


Add a Generate Payment Proces

1. From Revenue Feature Page select EFT.

2. From EFT page select Generate payments

3. From Generate Payments page select Add.

4 On the Add a generate payments process form enter Name, select Generate payments for Transactions from revenue commitments, check Recurring gifts, for Payment batch template select the template created above, Payment batch owner = logged in user.

5. Save.


Create Batch by Generate Payments

1. From Generate Payments page expand the row for the process created above and select Start process.

2. On the Run generate payments process form click Start.


Verify exception in generated batch

1. From Revenue Feature Page select Batch entry.

2. From Batch Entry page expand the row of the above generated batch and select Edit batch.

3. On the Batch form click the RED X on the batch row to reveal exception message "Required field missing: GL post date"

4. On the Main menu under Processes click Validate.

5. When Validation completes click the OK to dismiss.

6. On the Main menu under Batch click Save and close.


Verfiy exception does not prevent commit and the commit process supplies the GL post date as <today>

1. From Batch Entry page expand the row of the batch and click Commit.

2. On the Commit parameters form check Validate batch before committing and Create control report. Uncheck all others. Click Start.

3. After the Batch commits go to Revenue Feature Page and select Transaction search.

4. On Transaction search form enter Batch number = number from the above committed batch, click Search, when the payment appears in the search results click Select.

5. From Revenue Transaction Page (payment) NOTICE that the "Post date" field has been completed using the value for the day the process run, "<today>"


 Workaround: Edit the batch template and enter a default date for GL post date before you run the process.


 Blackbaud CRM
 Service Pack 4

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