Luminate Online Release Schedule

Releases and Maintenance will be communicated to you via an emailed BEN NotificationMaintenance BENs
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  • Quarterly, December black out month
  • Release downtime notifications sent 72 hours prior to Wave 1 for all clients regardless of wave
  • Maintenance window midnight – 4 am CST
  • Major release are noted in Calendar.
  • Smaller maintenance releases contain issue resolution, smaller improvements, compliance etc.
  • Detailed information pertaining to content of all releases can be found at
  • All dates are considered tentative and schedule to change.
Luminate 2017 Release Calendar
*All dates are tentative until confirmed via official notification
Release (year.month)Production DatesRelease
DEV Sites/North America Wave 1 North America Wave 2AUS/PAC WaveNorth America Wave 3UK Wave 
V17.11/18 1/241/18 1/18Major Release
V17.1.1 2/1 2/11/31 1/31Major Release
V17.33/28 4/44/4 4/4Major Release
v17.88/8, 8/15 8/228/15 8/15Major Release




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