Group/Household members created from a constituent batch have the incorrect site assigned to them

When creating a new group/household from a constituent batch, you have the option to create new members for the group/household.  When using site security the group/household members are created with the sites associated with the user entering the batch and not the site selected for the group/household in the batch row.
When adding a new constituent to a group/household in a constituent batch the constituent is added immediately and written to the database when save is selected, not when the batch is committed.  Since the constituent is added immediately the site(s) added to the constituent are the sites the user creating the batch has access to.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Login as a limited rights user who is associated with multiple sites (i.e. Site A and Site B)
  2. Create a new Constituent Batch ensuring the site field and group members field is listed as a field in the batch template
  3. Add a new group/household record to the batch selecting one of the user's sites in the site field (i.e. Site B)
  4. Select the group member's field and add a new constituent to the group/household
  5. Save and close the batch
  6. Commit the batch as a system administrator
  7. Open the group/household record created and notice it has the site selected in the batch.
  8. Open the new constituent that was created as a member of the group/household and notice it has both sites the user who created the batch has (i.e. Site A and Site B)

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