To create a list of parent email addresses for new students:

  1. Navigate to Analysis > Manage Lists 
  2. Manage basic and advanced lists
  3. From the Add menu in the top left, select Create Advanced List 
  4. In the Select Objects tab go to Constituent Information and select: User Base, User Role, and Parent/Child Relationship
  5. Add User Base and select to add it to the Parent/Child Relationship.User Id2 = User Base.User ID​. (This becomes User Base [1])
  6. Add User Role and select to add to the User Base [1].User ID = User Role.User ID​
  7. Go to the Admission object and select Candidate and select to add it to User Base.User ID = Candidate User ID
  8. Select Candidate Detail
  9. Select Candidate Status
Display Fields
  1. Click the Display Fields tab and then click Select Fields.
  2. Expand User Base, mark the following boxes: First Name, Last Name, E-Mail​​User-added image
  3. Expand User Role and mark Role 
  4. Expand Parent/Child Relationship 
  5. Under User Base [1], mark the following boxes: First Name, Last Name​​, E-MailUser-added image
  6. Expand User Role [1] and mark Role 
  1. Click the Filters tab and create Global Filters for the following:
  • Where User Role.Role is any of Incoming Student
  • And Candidate Entering Year is any of [fill in years]
  • And User Role [1].Role is any of incoming parents
​Select Preview to view a list of incoming parent's email addresses and incoming students