1. Create a new constituent dynamic query with the criteria:
    • First Gift > Gift Date blank
  2. In the query, go to Tools > Query options > Gift processing tab to review soft credit and matching gift options:
    • If any soft credit should count as a gift, use Both or Recipient.
    • If a matching gift pledge or payment should count, use Both.
    • To consider "hard credits" only, make soft credit Donor and matching gift as Company.
  3. Save and close the query.
  4. Go to Config > Business Rules > Gift and click New Adding Gift Rule at the top.
  5. Add a Rule name such as: First Gift Alert.
  6. Click on the binoculars at the far right of the Query field. Search and add the query created in steps 1 -3.
  7. In the message, enter a text to display for the alert and any needed action such as: This is a first gift! Use the First Gift letter code.
  8. Optionally, mark Apply Rule to Selected Security Groups Only so this rule only appears for users that do gift entry. Move their security group(s) from left to right.
  9. Click OK.
Business rule configuration