You can add the Enrollment Management calendar to your personal calendar by either exporting the calendars or grabbing the feed urls.
  1. Enrollment Management persona
  2. Grid View
  3. Select the RSS feed iconUser-added image
  4. Choose any of the following 3 options:
    • Export iCalendar Data: when you click the Export iCalendar Data button, it takes a snapshot of the current calendar. It will not be updated when events are created or changed. Use one of the methods below to subscribe to the calendar so it stays up to date.
    • Feed URL: copy and paste this URL into your calendar program. 
    • Webcal URL: copy and paste this URL into calendar applications like iCal. Follow the instructions provided by your application in order to subscribe to a feed. You can also paste this URL into a new browser window to open it in your default calendar app.