Why am I being prompted to enter a check number on a batch item with a credit card payment method?

When reviewing a Batch item that is paid by credit card and that was created by an upload, a series of errors are returned, including a prompt to enter a check number.
If the upload file (that was used to create this Batch Detail record) contained one or more zeroes in the Check Number field for a credit card transaction, this will lead to this issue.  

To correct this, remove the zero(s) from the check number field and click 'OK' when the Check Entry screen opens while trying to adjust the gift.  The check number field should be empty for a credit charge.

Also, the vendor or persons who created the upload file should be alerted to not put zeroes in the check number field for credit card transactions. If you continue to have errors in processing the batch after that, alert TA Support to do a data fix to remove the zeroes.



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